DIY De-tan face pack – for clear and radiant glow

DIY De-tan face pack – for clear and radiant glow

Face packs help to cleanse and purify the skin, they work by penetrating the skin to remove excess dirt and truly cleanse your skin. Store bought face packs are good sometimes to use, but often contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that could be harmful to the skin.

Therefore, if you want to protect your skin and give your skin that glow, without using chemical based products, you can make your own homemade face packs from the comfort of your home.

Harsh sun can damage your skin more than any other factors. Harmful UV rays and sunlight can give you dark spots and unwanted tan.

Follow this simple DIY here….


  • 2 tbsp yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • small bowl
  • brush

How to apply:

Step 1:

In a small bowl (a disposable cup or bowl also works great for this) add yogurt (make sure that the yougurt is creamy and thick). Mix honey and turmeric.

With a spoon, mix the ingredients till it’s a spreadable paste.

Step 2:

Quickly apply over face and neck, making sure to avoid the eye area.

You can use a clean makeup brush or your fingers to apply the mask.


Leave on for 15-20 minutes; remove with splashing water and or wet washcloth if necessary.

You can see the de-tan glow from ht first use only!

What are the benefits?

Yogurt: It also contains lactic acid, an organic compound that aids in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by tightening and shrinking pores. It also has exfoliating properties that transform your skin from being dry and dull to lighter and softer.

Honey: Raw honey helps balance the bacteria on your skin, which makes it a great product to use for acne. Honey speeds up your skin cells’ healing processes. Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid with skin conditions such as acne.

Turmeric: It can help restore your natural glow and treat uneven skin tone.  Cur-cumin, a major component of turmeric, has strong antioxidant properties, that inhibits free radical production, and hence controls aging by protecting cells from damage. Turmeric not only fights pimples and breakouts, but regular use can also clear acne scars and inflammation.

You can use a good moisturizer afterwards. You can use this mask once a week. You will love your skin as it will glow and radiate.

Here is a video that will help you with DIY better:

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