6 YouTube channels I let my toddler watch

In today’s world of technology, its next to impossible to keep toddlers away from TV. At least what we can control what our children are watching and whether they are learning something new everyday.

What’s better than YouTube for free and good and educational content for our Lil’ ones?

Here is the list on top 6 YouTube channels I let my toddler watch.

1. Chuchu tv

2. super simple songs


4. Mother goose club

5. BOUNCE patrol

6. pinkfong

The channels mentioned above are kids friendly and very educational like they try to teach kids alphabets, colors, shapes, animal sounds, etc with good music and dances.

Hope this list is helpful for new moms out there who are wondering what’s the best choice for their curious lil humans.

Please like, comment and share your views below.


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