10 softwares or Apps every professional Interior Designer should have

10 softwares or Apps every professional Interior Designer should have

Starting a new business and starting to freelance professionally as a designer is not that easy.

One has to have knowledge of latest trends, products, technology and be creative in this career. The benefit of technology is that you can manage your business more efficiently. Good softwares and apps will help you with time management, client management, site work and let you focus on being more creative with your work.

Right softwares that you invest in is very important, as CAD and design Apps are important part of being an interior designer these days.

Here’s the list of 10 softwares or Apps for every professional Interior Designer should have and can choose from:

1. Morpholio

Morpholio makes software that reinvents creative processes for architects, designers, artists, engineers, photographers or any imaginative individual. This app is mainly used to create high quality mood boards with creativity. This app may change how you present your designs to the clients. Its is a free download from the App Store. The new features are available Pro upgrade available for paid plans. It will change the quality and way if presentation for the clients.

2. Co-construct

Apart from planning Co-construct can do everything site related work. check out the list:

  • Effortless Proposals
  • Track Change Orders & Expenses
  • Improve Client Communication
  • Manage & Track Leads
  • Coordinate Schedules With Field & Office
  • Feed Information-Hungry Clients
  • Share Files & Photos
  • Integrate With Your Accounting System
  • Keep Track Of To-Dos
  • Customize For Branding & Marketing
  • Budget & Forecast Project Costs
  • Run Your Projects From Anywhere
  • Finish Strong With Warranty & Punchlist
  • Control Costs With Purchase Orders
  • Invoice Your Clients
  • Upload & View 360-Degree Photos

3. ColorSnap

Colorsnap is one many paint visualizer app available int the market. This one one of the best as you can use easily on the Phone and it also has many variations in colors that you can try. You can share, save and store it with easy options.

There few other paint visualizers available on the internet that you can try.

4. Fuigo

Fuigo is one more design management software mainly created for interior design businesses. Its helps you with project management on large scale. Streamline sourcing, purchasing, tracking, and billing with this all-in-one software. This software will make your business tasks easy and grow.

5. Mydoma Studio

Mydoma Studio is carefully created for interior design businesses to help them grow. This software simplifies when you create mood boards. It also allows you to create a list of personal vendors, send purchase orders with a single click, and then convert those into invoices to send to clients. Mydoma can be embedded within your own website, with your firm’s branding, before you invite other users to collaborate. Got a design idea? Create design packages here to sell online and generate recurring revenue. Mydoma also integrates with QuickBooks, Zapier, and Facebook, and can create customized reports.

6. Clickup

ClickUp was built to support any industry, but for interior designers, this software can be really useful. This software’s Design-specific templates and time-tracking tools integrate with multiple other apps. ClickUp’s project management software can help you organize everything at a super-high level, from workflow, goals, time management and task lists. And because it allows everyone on your team to customize their own views and boards, individual users can take the software to best suit their productivity type. One more advantage of this software is integrations with Google, Slack, GitHub, Outlook, and more bring all your digital tools under one software. If you want to get maximum productivity, ClickUp offers an endlessly customization way to take your business upwards.

7. BIM cloud

BIMcloud is basically and BIG space to collaborate between the teams working on the same project all over the world. You can imagine it as a drive where teams can co-ordinate between different softwares , no matter how big and where the location is. Its very useful for global projects. It can be used with design software by the same company Graphisoft’s Archicad and BIMx.

8. Ivy

Ivy is the software you can use if you have a small scale business.  Its a program that will help you manage your business more efficiently. Source product, send proposals and invoices, generate purchase orders, and create room boards with ease. If you want to spend more time on creative endeavors and less time managing business operations, Ivy can help you function more efficiently.

9. Adobe Photoshop

Though it’s primarily an image editing program, Photoshop has many functions that are useful for interior designers. Filters, renderings, and transformation tools can enhance your presentations, improve your visual communication, and bring your design ideas to life. Its essential for an interior design business to have a photo editing tool or software. Adobe is one of the best in the market.

10. e-Builder

e-Builder is a software focused for construction management. You can utilize workflow, cost, schedule and document management on this software. e-Builder can have multiple integrations in place to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency. Builders, architects, interior designers, and landscape designers can reduce the chaos of custom building jobs with this software. e-Builder is one of the best software out there for site and construction management.

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Hope you all found this informative and useful. If you think any other software should be on the list, please comment below with suggestions.


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