Reusable crochet mask mate tutorial | Super easy pattern

Reusable crochet mask mate tutorial | Super easy pattern

During this dire situation of pandemic COVID-19 where wearing a mask to protect yourself is a necessity.

A mask mate or an ear saver is an accessory that can be used with a face mask to prevent sore ears. Prolonged use of a face mask with elastic bands that go over the ears can make the ears very sore. There are a lot of health care workers, law enforcement officers, supermarket workers etc who could benefit from using these mask mates because they have to wear such masks on a daily basis for long hours. These mask mates are made up of cotton wool. These are washable and reusable. They require a small amount of yarn and 2 buttons and are really quick to make!

Note: Just make sure you wash them with proper sanitation.


Level: Beginner
Thread: cotton wool
Size: 4 inches (approx)
Button size: 1 inch

Let’s start the pattern:

Materials you will need:

  • Yarn or wool
  • crochet needle 2.5 mm
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • 2 Buttons

Mask mate pattern:

  1. Stitch 27 Chains.
    Note: You chain to the length you desire and then add two more chains. I use thin yarn and 2.5 mm needle so its 27 stitches. sizes may change accordingly.
  2. Stitch 3 rows of Treble crochet stitch. As you use 2 chains for the stitch, you have to make 25 treble crochet stitches in each row.
  3. End the work using needle from both the ends.
  4. Using thread, sew one button at each end, almost touching the edge. Make sure to sew buttons very securely.

Here’s the tutorial video:

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Please do not publish or share this pattern as your own. You may make items to sell with this pattern. In exchange, please link back this post. Do NOT use my photos as your own sales or blog photos.

Thank you so much for your interest in this pattern! I hope you loved making this mask mate as they are very useful and ear saver when you have to wear masks for longs period of times.


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