Al Khor Family Park & zoo, Qatar – Post COVID19 lockdown visit.

Al Khor Family Park & zoo, Qatar – Post COVID19 lockdown visit.

2020 has been a mess and very rough for all of us worldwide. With COVID19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down and we had locked ourselves in our homes past 5-6 months.

Lifting lockdown restrictions was in 4 phase and well executed process in Qatar. Phase 4 is finally here and it is safe to take children to parks, malls and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a good park to visit over the weekend, then you should know that the AL Khor family park & zoo that has being recently opened for the public. Located in Al-Khor, Al-Tawasul Traditional Park is built under Ras Laffan Industrial City Community Outreach Programme (RLIC-COP). While covering an area of around 28,500 sqm, the public park consists of a play area for the kids, a football ground, athlete walkway and facilities to house a collection of birds and animals. A very interesting feature of this park is that it has a unique environment section covering an area of about 600 sqm. Also, many varieties of trees have been planted inside the park and for fencing. Another significant feature of the park would be the traditional fountains that has been built inside it. The new look park’s mini zoo has seven new sections which house 315 children’s favorite animals of 49 species.

We recently visited the park and had an amazing experience with variety and animals and nature. It was really good to be out after a long time and an experience to remember. As it was bit hot outside and new in phase 4, that park opened at 4 PM. The restaurants and toilets are still closed inside the park.

Another main attraction of the park is the train that can accommodate 60 passengers and passes through three stations dedicated to it and inside the train tunnels there are kid-friendly murals to entertain the kids. the ticket is for 5 qr.

Safety and security is well maintained to ensure that all visitors to the park can spend time there without having to worry about anything. It’s on us to maintain social distancing and maintaining proper distance from other visitors.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

There was show by the vet at 5 PM feeding big cats and chimpanzee which was very entertaining and informative. The big cats in the zoo were lion, lioness, tigers, white tiger, jaguars, leopards.

Details for the zoo:

Timings: Saturday – Thursday : 8AM–11PM
Friday: 2PM-11PM

Directions: Click here

Entry fee: QR 15 per person (adults); QR 10 for kids (up to 10 years of age)
But due to current situation, the entry is free.

Facebook page:

If you are planning a trip to Qatar and looking some places to visit while you are here, Al Khor park is one of them! Don’t miss out, its really fun to see animals with children and have a memorable day as a family.

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