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Date ideas for married couple to keep the romance alive.

MARRIAGE. Such an amazing thing, to be committed with each other for the rest of our lives!

If you truly want to be together, love never fades away but we all need a little recharge every one in a while to keep that spark going. As living together each day, making life and taking care of kids and bill, married couples forget to keep the romance alive.

Here are 10 date ideas which are very easy going, fun and romantic. They will surly bring the sparks back.

1. Picnic date.

2. Long walks on Beach.

3. Pool date.

4. Horse carriage ride

5. Playing favorite sports together.

6. carnival/ fair date.

7. Fine-dine romantic date.

8. Playing board games together.

9. Movie date.

10. Ferry/ boat ride date.

IF you want you can include kids too on these dates. All it is about enjoying quality time together. But one on one time is what you need in your marriage, then do it alone as every marriage is different.

I hope you liked these ideas and try them with your partner soon. Please share your experiences in the comments section.

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