chicken with creamy mushroom sauce.

chicken with creamy mushroom sauce.

There are endless recipes we can do with chicken. It’s my favorite protein to cook and eat!

what can be a better combination of mushroom, cream and chicken?

When I tried it for the first time it turned out to be delicious. And I had to share it with you all.

Let’s start the recipe:


  • Chicken breast or thigh pieces – 500 grams.
  • Mushrooms – 250 grams.
  • Cooking cream – 200 ML
  • Cheese (parmesan or cheddar) – 100 grams.
  • Oil – 2 TBSP
  • Butter – 50 grams
  • Ginger garlic paste – 1 TSP
  • Chopped garlic – 4 cloves
  • Chili flakes – 2 TSP
  • Oregano herbs – 2 TSP
  • Pepper powder – 3 TSP
  • Coriander leaves or parsley to garnish.
  • Salt to taste.

How to make chicken with creamy mushroom sauce:

  1. Marinate the chicken with Ginger garlic paste, 1 TSP pepper powder, salt and 1 TBSP oil. Set aside for 10 minutes to half hour.
  2. In a pan, add 2 TBSP oil and stir fry chicken for 5- 10 mins on medium heat.
  3. Turn the side and let ir cook for 10 minutes with the lid on. That will make sure that the chicken is properly cooked.
  4. For making the cream sauce, add butter, let it melt and add chopped garlic. Saute it for 10 seconds.
  5. Add mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes on high flame. (Cooking mushrooms too much can shrink them, make sure you don’t overcook.)
  6. Add salt, pepper powder, chili flakes and oregano herbs.
  7. Add cooking cream and cook till is starts boiling.
  8. Add cheese and mix well.
  9. Lastly, put the chicken in the sauce and garnish it with coriander leaves or parsley.

Here’s the video of the recipe:

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