July favorites

July favorites


I wait every month to share this list with everyone! hope you guys like it!

Book of the month:

The Lucky One

Beauty Product of the month:

Kitchen product of the month:

Geepas meat grinder

Quote of the month:

Food/ Recipe of the month:

CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Song of the month:

Instagram post of the month:

Show of the month:

Movie of the month:

I hope you enjoy all my favorite things each month! and don’t forget to share yours in the comments below!


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One thought on “July favorites

  1. I loved the quote you shared! Along with the movie, it had been a long time since I watched some good movies, and Mimi filled that gap!
    I have one small query and hope you would clear my doubts. I have been seeing Buy me a coffee picture in many bloggers’ posts these days, I was not active for some months. Did I miss something? Can you help me clear it out?


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