Covid-19 has taken over the world from past 2 years and world is finally on the move after a standstill. We all want to meet our loved ones or explore new places and meet new people.

To control the spread of the coronavirus, every country has set certain rules and regualtions to travel and conduct socializing in this pandamic. With my personal expirence, I want to share some points about travel info that might be helpful for you in certain way.

Points to remember fro traveling from Qatar to India.

  1. Try to book your tickets atleast 10 days before travel, so that you can have all the updates of the flights and scedule all the procedures on time.
  2. You have to do the PCR test atleast 72 hours of the travel as its the polict for traveling from Qatar. You have to co-ordinate with the hosptital about your flight timings so that they can advise you for the right time to take the test. Generally it takes 24 hours to get the resluts of the test. Make sure you have a bar code on the hard copy of the test results.
    TIP: My advise if to get in contact with the hospital 2 days before to avoid any hassle or miscommuniction.
  3. You have to fill a form on an online portal called AIR SUVIDHA. In this form you have to attach your negative result of PCR test and fill all personal and travel details.
  4. Book an appointment for PCR test at the airport from Qatar itself. This is optional but it will make the work easier once you land.
  5. Keep the prints of ticket, PCR reslut, Air suvidha form, passport copy and vaccination certificate.
  6. After landing you have to go through PCR test at the airport. Once its done, you can go for custom and immigration. The results will be emailed to you in 4-5 hours. however, it may take longer.
  7. If you have a connecting flight, make sure you had 4 to 5 hours og transit time. Be prepared for long queues.

Here is the detailed travel Vlog:


This blog is created with personal expierence. This is not the official updates and travel policies. CLICK HERE for the official website about Qatar governmet travel policies.

I hope you have the safe flight and a happy journy! And don’t forget to share yours in the comments below!


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