I am a 90’s baby. It’s the year 2022, and I recently turned 30. Seems unreal to me sometimes. My 20s are over, I am an adult woman who is Married, a mother and in my 30s now.

It’s like yesterday, I celebrated my 21st with my friends and thinking I am a proper adult now and I have to act maturely. Now… present, as a 30 year old I want to tell 21 year old me to just relax and live life without thinking too much.

Subconsciously I was thinking I am about to leave my 20s and I will feel differently now, act differently or think more wisely. Honestly, I don’t feel any different than I was feeling a month ago.

Hitting 30 made me think does age define how one should behave, or achieve the goals society has set for us?

Significance of turning 30:

Turning 30 is a landmark in a person’s life. Especially for a woman. I don’t remember my husband making such a big deal of turning 30 years old.

Why 30 is a landmark age set by the society?

It can be seen as a marker of how much we’ve achieved in our adulthood. For women especially, it has been the point at which we’re pressured to feel it ‘all coming together’, as that biological clock starts to tick even louder. It’s an age of career, capability, achievement and expectation all rolled into one.

Whether we’re putting the expectation on ourselves to tick a hundred boxes by the time we enter our 30s, or whether it’s from those around us, all that pressure can take its toll. For me personally, I am married, a mother of one awesome kid but there is a pressure and questions of having a second child and “completing the family”. And what I feel is a personal and self decisive thing that only 2 people should have a say about it.

Goals can be different for everyone:

Life can be a checklist as we grow up. By the age og 5, we should start school, at 16 we should be a school graduate. As we are 18 years old, we have to start getting independent. As we are in our 30s, we should have be married and/or have a successful career.

Every person is different. Some are career oriented, some want family life or some just enjoy the single life. While some are searching for their significant other.

I want to send a message to all the women out there who have entered their 30s recently. People will expect you to have your whole life figured out. But, let me tell you… you are heroes of your own story, so write, edit or take your time to complete it.

Taking one day at a time:

Some people can get overwhelmed about turning 30 and not achieving certain goals they set for themselves. My advice is to take one day at a time and set small goals everyday.

I keep monthly and daily planner and keep working little by little on it. And yes it’s hard work to keep myself on track. But nothing can be achieved without hard work. Take breaks and have good times but never loose the bigger picture.

Keep your faith strong and also believe that good things will come to you. Having positive mindset and outlook will definitely help you achieve the goals.


As I am pouring my heart out, I will confess, I am scared of getting older. But I am also excited about the future. To see the results of all the hard work I am putting for myself and my family, to see the growth in me as an individual.

I had, have and always will advocate for self love. Because if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you? I am amazing, I am thirty and fabulous!

To all the 90’s babies who turned 30 recently or turning soon, do share your thoughts and feelings about the landmark year of 30.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and don’t forget to share yours in the comments below!


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