🌻Behind the reels, content writing, videos and photos there is a lot of hustle and bustle. Long time to edit and create something new EVERYDAY which is different from other fellow bloggers.

🌻Sometimes, the collaboration with brands comes with strict timelines and that need to be creative with maximum reach to the audience.
Which can be stressful too.

🌻Many of us bloggers start the blog with a goal of following passion and reach maximum number of people and show the love of what WE love to do and that can astray because of competition and promotions.

🌻As a person who loves to write content and blogs, I suffer with writer’s block from time to time or lack of time to practice content writing regularly.

🌻Outings can be fun or stressful situations when we try to make blogs and have family time together.

🌻But at the end, blogging is something I am passionate about and that what keeps me going.

What are things that stress you out? don’t forget to share yours in the comments below!


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