Katara beach – Qatar.

One of the most beautiful natural beaches of Qatar, Katara’s private beach spans over 1.5km. Beach goers have a choice between enjoying a relaxed beach experience and diving into the fun with a great variety of adrenaline-boosting beach activities. My vlog: https://youtu.be/qehi5ldi0qo Directions: For the directions: CLICK HERE Details of the beach: Beach no.3: from 9:00... Continue Reading →

Inland sealine campout – Qatar.

Inland Sea (Khawr al Udayd) is a sea inlet of the Persian Gulf that straddles the border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Qatar is an extension of the Arabian Peninsula's Rub'al-Khali (Empty Quarter) desert, which reaches northward from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Massive sand dunes surround Khōr al-'Udeid in the south of Qatar. It's one of... Continue Reading →

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