2 years of you and your toddler’s life has gone with changing dirty diapers. Now you feel it’s high time for both of you to start the training. But every kid is different, not all kids are ready at the same age, so it’s important to watch your child for signs of readiness, such as stopping an activity for a few seconds or clutching his or her diaper.

I have been through a hard time training my toddler before he got potty trained. Then I started researching and trying to train him with different methods and some worked for me. With my personal experience, I want to share with all the parents some easy tips and tricks so that the transition becomes more easier for both parents and toddlers.

1. The right training seat is most important.

The two basic potty options are:

  • A standalone, toddler-size potty chair with a bowl that can be emptied into the toilet.
  • A toddler-size seat that can be placed on top of a toilet seat that will let your child feel more secure and not fear falling in.

I chose the toddler sized seat. I tried a standalone seat first but my toddler was running away from it. So, I decided to get the other option and it worked for me. You need to experiment and decide what works for you and your child.

2. Ask them if they want to go.

In this tip, I advice you to notice the reactions of you toddler before and after they pee or poop. Ask them at that time if they want to go the toilet. Use the keywords “poop” “potty” “pee” and show them the toilet seat. This will encourage them and help them to understand to tell when they want to go.

3. Take them to the seat frequently.

To follow this tip, avoid clothes that are hard to take off, such as overalls and shirts that snap in the crotch. Kids who are potty training need to be able to undress themselves. Or easy for you to undress them as fast as you can. Take them to the seat every 2 hours, make them sit and ask if they want to do the “poop” or “pee”. By doing this they will gradually understand they they have to go to the seat for doing the deed.

4. Watch and learn.

Show your child how you sit on the toilet and explain what you’re doing (because your child learns by watching you). You can also encourage them from watching some videos about potty training, how a kid sits on the potty seat and doing the “poop”. These videos are available all over YouTube as fun rhymes and playful videos. Trust me, they will help a lot.

5. Consistency is the key.

Potty training isn’t easy, especially for the little ones. You need to establish a pattern of consistency and repetition. Taking in all the steps and related instructions can get a bit overwhelming for your child. It is normal for your child to make mistakes, and as a parent, the best thing that you can do is to encourage their efforts. Its’s your job to keep the consistency and follow all the tips and efforts. Keep doing it everyday and within few days, you will start getting the results of all the hard-work.  Your child will slowly and gradually start grabbing every step.

Hope these tips are helpful and please don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

I hope you enjoy all my favorite things each month! and don’t forget to share yours in the comments below!


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